How, and how much, does LandArbor Consulting charge for its design and consultation services?

LandArbor Consulting provides expertise in the areas of landscape design and arboricultural consultation. 

We collect, filter, and analyze information and data in order to develop and provide plans and reports.  We are essentially selling our time and expertise.

Every project and client is different and unique, and we find the best and fairest way to charge for our services is by charging for our time on an hourly rate, plus any costs we incur in the course of doing our work. 

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Occasionally, we will work on a set-price basis, but only when we are familiar with the client, the project is very well-defined, and we have confidence in our projected time commitment and expenses.  Our set-price contracts always contain a contingency clause for necessary extra work done outside of the originally defined scope-of-work.

Hourly fees vary depending on the nature of the services rendered and specific project circumstances.  Fees will be discussed when we have a good understanding of the nature of the project; this usually occurs during the initial telephone interview or office visit.