Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What do we do (and not do) at LandArbor Consulting?   What is our “function / role / purpose?”

What is LandArbor Consulting’s particular area of focus, interest, and expertise, or “niche,” in the landscape and arboriculture industries?

In general, what does LandArbor Consulting do, and who does it work with?

What allied industry professionals does LandArbor work with?

How can LandArbor Consulting be of assistance to other industry professionals?

What differentiates LandArbor Consulting from other landscape and arboricultural consulting firms?

What are some examples of situations that might require the services of a Registered Consulting Arborist (RCA)?

What is a Consultant?  What do they provide?

What are the differences between an arborist, a certified arborist, a consulting arborist, and Registered Consulting Arborist® (RCA)?

What is the difference between a practicing arborist and a consulting arborist?

What separates a consulting arborist from a practicing arborist?

What is the difference between a landscape designer and a landscape contractor?

What geographic area does LandArbor Consulting cover in providing landscape design and consulting arborist services?

How, and how much, does LandArbor Consulting charge for its design and consultation services?

Do consulting arborists have to abide by any standards of professional practice?

How are trees appraised?

What is the “The Plant Appraisal Process?”

What is the role of forensics in arboriculture?

How to preserve trees on construction sites?