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Testimonials for Andy White while he was owner and president of Wayside Landscape Services, Inc., in Asheville, NC.   Other recommendations are available upon request.

Note:  Effective August 1, 2012, Wayside Landscape Services, Inc. underwent a significant reorganization and change in services provided. It is now doing business as LandArbor Consulting, LLC, providing landscape design and arboricultural consulting to allied industry professionals and select landowners.  Andy White is president of LandArbor Consulting, LLC.

Hi Andy,

We’re so happy with this project…we knew if you did it, we would not only like it, but nothing would be left over to irritate us – things like poor quality workmanship or an aesthetic that wasn’t quite right…we knew it would be beautiful, but we were not prepared for the transformative power it has had over the whole house.

Thanks again,

Lauri and Jon Brooks


What began as an idea for access to our back yard and a fence for Bandit (the dog) has become a beautiful outdoor living space and a restful haven. We love everything about it – even the chore of watering.

Thank you for your expertise and professionalism during the project. The subcontractors were great to work with and the quality of the workmanship on the deck and patio is evident and has undoubtedly improved our property value.

We’re glad Wayside Landscape came up when we “googled” Asheville Landscaping early this year. It’s been a pleasure.

Mary and Robert Cunningham and Bandit

I have had the privilege of having Andy White, President of Wayside Landscape Services design and develop several major projects for our Candler, NC campus – Pisgah Valley Retirement Community over the past fifteen (15) years.

The most recent project was the creation of a wonderful garden space that is connected to our campus Community Center. When the French doors of the Center are opened, the garden creates an extension of the room and a smooth transition into a quiet outdoor space. The hand-crafted stone wall planting beds – with subtle built-in lighting, stamped concrete walking area and a water feature with a 1 ½ ton boulder are finished off with the most appropriate plantings. The garden and the sound of the water running over the boulder create a peaceful setting for our residents.

If integrity, professionalism, ethical conduct, creative design and meticulous workmanship are of importance, then I would highly recommend the services of Andy White and Wayside Landscape Services.


David Kidder
Pisgah Valley Retirement Community


We wanted to drop you a short note to thank you for the absolutely great job you and your team has done on our landscape/hardscape project. Selecting Wayside and working with you over the past couple of years has been one the wisest decisions we made designing and building our new home. We have received MANY compliments on the landscaping and have enthusiastically recommended you to several homeowners and builders.

Working with you since the very beginning of construction has certainly paid off. We believe your design/build philosophy has saved us thousands of dollars (both near and long term) and has assured us a beautiful home for years to come. The functional and structural integrity of the hardscape and drainage systems has set the standard for our neighborhood! Being able to combine the best features of high quality construction, superb design engineering and artistic beauty is a rare skill and you have certainly accomplished it all!!

This all said, we need to go a step further — You and your team are great to work with! You are easy to communicate with, have an outstanding work ethic and most of all, the very highest business and ethical standards!!! We look forward to working with you for many years to come.

When you need a reference, put us at the top of your list. If you ever have a client who needs some advice and counsel on a similar project let us know. We have learned a great deal from our building process and you have taught us the importance of making the landscape an integral part of the home design process. We would like to spread the word to others.

Again thank you for a job well done.

Dave and Kim Zorich

Dear Sirs,

Mr. White successfully incorporated our interest in gardening with our desire to have a number of interesting and varied garden species. His use of rock, grass pathways, and plant material produced a complex of visually pleasing areas, which flow together seamlessly. The final result has been a continuing source of pride and the site of many hours of enjoyment for my family and friends.

The project was completed on time in a highly satisfactory manner. The end result exceeded my initial expectations.

In summary, I believe that Andrew J. White and Wayside Landscape Services performed their contractual duties to me in a highly professional and suitable fashion. I believe that they exhibit great professional competence and are highly qualified to undertake the type of project for which they were employed by me.


R. Randolph Weast, MD
President, Western Carolina Radiology

Dear Andy,

Thanks! Your two workers were wonderful – very friendly, very professional, and hard, constant workers.

Mrs. Scottie Cannon

Dear Andy,

As I sat on the porch this morning and admired the terrace I was reminded how fortunate we were to engage your services and vision. It is smashing. Remember how it was before! Your solution to overcome the steep bank and create entertaining space for us and a play area for the grandchildren worked out beautifully. We enjoy the new environment so much … just sitting in the swing and drinking in the view restores our souls.

The front entry continues to brighten our coming and going. The plants you selected for the overall plan work nicely to create a warm and beautiful welcome. I especially like the climbing hydrangea at the pergola. You also met our desire to have a wheel chair friendly entrance.

The back area near the garden shed should prove practical and livable. I can’t wait for the plants to fill in. However, it looks darn good right now. It was good selection and installation on your part. A lovely view from the bedroom window.

You have spent many hours training your staff. Each man worked well and went about the tasks at hand in a professional manner. They answered all of our questions to our satisfaction. Your continued maintenance and advanced watering systems keep our home attractive year round. We anticipate each season knowing in time our landscaping will reach a happy crescendo.


William M. Adair

Thanks, Andy! We’re very pleased with our landscaping and appreciate your sincere interest in it.

Mrs. Marion McArthur

To Whom It May Concern:

…completion was accomplished to perfection and within an appropriate time frame due to the professionalism and expertise of those involved.

Environmental aspects were considered carefully, and are reflected in such features as the drainage system, the automatic drip irrigation system, and the natural appearance of the design and plant placement. The work was well coordinated, which made for a smooth flow of activity.

I was very happy with the outcome. The superior quality of materials and workmanship were obvious, and this, combined with the beautifully conceived design produced a most pleasing and very functional entryway. It has greatly enhanced the appearance and value of my house, and I highly recommend Mr. White and Wayside Landscape Services, Inc.

Very truly yours,

Mrs. May Leffler Warren

Dear Andy,

We felt we provided you with quite a challenge by basically saying, “Take this area and make it livable and beautiful.” With nothing here but rocks, weeds and roots, you did just that. The transformation is truly incredible.

Your personnel were courteous, considerate, competent and always left the grounds in the best shape possible after a day’s work.

The craftsmanship of the rock work and carpentry is superb and the landscape plant material is of the best quality due to your attention to detail.

We are enjoying our home more than ever by being able to spend time in a most picturesque setting that blends so well with the house. All the outside activities and entertainment will be missed this winter!


Dr. and Mrs. Artus M. Moser, Jr.

Dear Andy,

I was quite impressed not only with your professionalism but with your expertise in layout and design.

When I first visualized this project, I was concerned that I would not be able to achieve the look I desired because of our uneven terrain and lack of space. You and your men were able to work with this challenge to create a beautiful and spacious looking garden for our residents. During this process, you masterfully blended this project into our existing facility so that it now appears that the garden and the facility were done at the same time.

I have had many very positive comments about the layout, design, drip irrigation, plant selection, and many other aspects of our garden. You have made our “wondering garden” not only a peaceful setting for our residents, but also an eye appealing addition to our facility.

Thank you for your professional approach and your creative talent.


David Kidder, Director
Pisgah Valley Retirement Community

Dear Andy,

We are so pleased with your excellent work on the three large retaining walls at our residence. As you know, the project offered a unique challenge. In 1986 we built our house in the rear corner of an extremely steep lot. The position of the house required several large retaining walls, originally constructed of railroad ties. Our imposing driveway travels over 300 feet and moves in elevation over 150 feet in height, encompassing a notorious switchback. Most visitors only make the trip once then request that we meet them at the bottom of the driveway for transport. As far as I know, no steeper driveway exists in our town.

During the original construction not enough care was taken to prevent erosion from under the driveway, causing actual collapse of the concrete. Our retaining walls at the top and bottom were also bulging. From our initial meeting we were pleased that you would undertake this dangerous project of repair. You listened to our needs, designed a proper solution, and safely constructed three fine walls. These walls used commercially interlocking blocks, each weighing about 100 pounds. These concrete blocks, which were rarely used in residential construction, were anchored innovatively into the landscape with new, strong geogrid materials. These walls would never fail. The walls were beautified with local planting causing them to blend into the natural landscape.

Safe construction on a dangerous site was of paramount concern. We believe our concern was heard, and because of good supervision and direction, we had no injuries on the project. Also, during the construction a large propane tank was moved from near the house to the bottom of the driveway. The propane delivery man was overjoyed at the new position. Originally it took him a week to work up enough courage to make the trip up the driveway for the gas delivery. The new tank position has probably saved a potential accident and lessened much of the delivery person’s consternation.

Throughout the project you kept us informed at each step and patiently answered our many questions. You and your courteous crew acted very professionally during the conduct of the work. The fine attention to detail, such as daily site cleaning, made even the construction presentable.

We are extremely pleased with the quality and conduct of your fine construction. We have highly recommended your services to many of our friends. Each week we have many visitors who stop to admire and comment on these fine walls. Also, recently, we were visited by a local college landscaping class to view superb work on an extremely challenging site. Thanks again for doing exceptional work, safely. Give our congratulations to your crew for a job very well done.


James W. Taylor, Jr.

Dear Andy,

…the yard and landscaping work is awesome… It has made such a difference in our environment and the way we use and feel about our home.

We do hope you’ll be able to point to our home as a project you are proud of when folks ask about examples of your work. We certainly are.

Rhett Grotzinger

Dear Mr. White:

Congratulations! You have been accepted as a Certified Member of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers, APLD.

The reviewing panel is happy to award you with a perfect score (100). Not many candidates achieve this. This is an impressive design achieved working against daunting site conditions.

“Reading the plant list makes one want to visit the site seasonally”


Barbara Webster, APLD
Chairman, Certification Committee

Dear Andy,

I often remember the first day we met in line at the blueprint shop waiting to make copies of landscape plans. I started a conversation with you, and the next day you came into my office offering your services. I had almost signed with another firm, but I thought I would give you a shot. It’s been history since.

There were several challenges in our yard–exposure to a walking trail behind the house; poor drainage from neighboring yards into the back yard; and a boring entrance. You presented us with a professional, long-range plan, which would hide the walking trail, correct the drainage, and incorporate some of the existing plants that had been installed by our first “landscaper”. You also suggested that for the sprinkler system, we put in a separate water line with the City not to include sewer. This has saved us many dollars over the years.

Over the past seven years, our ordinary yard has been transformed into a serene, park like setting filled with healthy, beautiful plants. The trail behind the house is hidden, and the entrance presents a formal and inviting quality landscape. Our drainage problem was particularly tough, but after much perseverance, you solved our problem.

We appreciate your continued interest in creating a desirable outdoor living space. When you designed and had installed a patio in the backyard, we were most impressed when you instructed the subcontractor to tear down the rock wall, which was almost completed, and redo it to meet your specifications. Today the patio is our secluded retreat!

Like you, your crew has always been friendly and professional. Their skill and attention to detail are clearly evident. We also very much appreciate your efforts to maintain our yard with a minimum of chemical use, and explain to us how to help maintain it ourselves.

It has been a delight to work with you and get to know you over the years. You are very dependable and prompt with all aspects of your work. We receive many, many compliments on our landscaping, and I always give you 100% of the credit. We have been encouraged for the past several years by the NC Wildlife Federation to make application to them for a wildlife backyard habitat designation. My only hesitation in completing this application is the fact I own three cats that tend to “capture” the many wildlife that calls our beautiful yard home.

Thank you, Andy, and your staff, for your continued interest in helping us create and maintain a beautiful environment around our home.


Russ Slipher, Jr.
Julia Adams Slipher

To: Andy White

I didn’t want the week to go by without thanking you for your work on the project (Urban Trail – St. Lawrence Basilica). I can’t say how nice it’s been to work with you and Marsha and your staff – it’s rare to find quality work with special people. Thank you again for taking on this “dream” of an idea.

Al Kopf

City of Asheville
Parks and Recreation Department

Dear Andy,

Having worked for a landscape contractor for seven years in my earlier days, I had a good idea of what I wanted to accomplish with my new landscape but had no idea how wonderful it would turn out by hiring Wayside Landscape Services. I had interviewed three additional landscaping companies and Wayside far exceeded all of their competition from the start. I was looking for a company that exhibited professionalism, an exceptional quality of work, a functional overall design that matched my ideas and a landscape that provided a positive contribution to the quality of the environment. With these factors in mind I chose Wayside and have been delighted ever since.

This project was a tremendous undertaking with many distinctive design features and difficult working conditions as my residence sits on the side of a mountain as many homes do in Asheville, NC. The project’s final design included a large retaining wall, two stamped concrete walkways, a stamped concrete patio, a large bi-level deck with pergola, construction of a storage area under the deck, expansion of the parking area with a stone wall, an extremely large planting with an underground irrigation system and an accent lighting system.

I purchased a brand new house and as a result, had no initial landscape…just mud and grass on all four sides of the house but a perfect canvas to install my dream landscape. As the initial work started I began to recognize the superior craftsmanship and quality of materials that I had high hopes for. First was the multi-level deck…Stainless steel screws throughout, carved handrails, an extremely large bolting system underneath for strength, top grade lumber and a large pergola with a distinctive look that included bench seating. What was an added bonus (and much needed) was the spacious storage area you built under the deck. This space would have been otherwise useless and now is a perfect place to store the lawn and garden equipment in the summer and in the winter a convenient spot for the patio furniture and pots for the outdoor plants.

Now that the planting has matured for a few growing seasons the lower stamped concrete patio has become my favorite lounging spot as it extremely secluded and is my personal sanctuary. The natural stone bench with two tree stumps as legs is always a topic of conversation when company arrives. It adds a very natural feel to the patio and is a great spot for stargazing at night.

The whole process from the design stage through the installation process has been a pleasure. Your workers have been very well trained, considerate and are a compliment to your company. At the end of each day the job site was impeccably cleaned and maintained as everything was put away and stored for the next day’s work.

I am extremely pleased with the entire project and feel blessed to have found Wayside. I look forward to the future projects we have discussed and our continued partnership in the landscape you have created. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication…you are indeed a credit to your profession.


Thomas M. Manning

Dear Andy,

I wanted to let you know that 13 years after we built our house, we are still so very pleased with what you did to our yard. And that we have had practically “0” additional expense for new plant material, or for upkeep.

We will be leaving (Montreat) tomorrow, but I hope this spring when we return (from Charleston), that you can come by to asses the yard for any additional improvements. I have full confidence in your judgment – (and that is rare!).


Best regards,

Betty and Ray Young

Dear Andrew,

Recently, while cleaning out some periodicals, I came across a copy of Builder/Architect from the Greater Vancouver Area where our company is based out of. There was a well written article describing the need for a landscape operations to have systems in place to provide a workable solution for employee’s productivity and safety. This really rang true, and in this article you mentioned developing a manual of procedures and systems. I was wondering if you would consider suggesting to me where I might begin to place such a system in my company. I thought that with your wealth of experience, you might just save me “chasing my tail”. Thank you for you consideration. This is proof that what my mother said is true “just remember that what you write lasts forever”. (The magazine is from 2004!)

Sincerely,Colin Stewart P.Ag.
Heartwood Landscaping Ltd.
Surrey B.C., Canada

I want you to know that we are very proud of our new backyard and appreciate all that you and your team have done to create a wonderful playground for our family and friends…Thank you again.

Marie Gillette