Design and Consultation

What is our “function / role / purpose” at LandArbor Consulting? – What do we do?  What do we not do?

At LandArbor Consulting, we collect, filter, and analyze information and data in order to develop and provide plans and reports that assist allied industry professionals and select landowners in the development of landscapes and the resolution of important tree issues. 

We do not build landscapes or do tree work ourselves – these services are provided by others.  However, upon request we do help clients identify qualified service professionals and contractors to implement our plans and recommendations.

What are Design and Consultation?

Arrow depicting Landscape Design Process - the process always starts with scattered information that is filtered and analyzed until a solid plan is developed

Landscape Design Process

Design and consultation are processes in which information and data are collected, filtered, and analyzed in an effort to develop a workable plan that will help to accomplish stated objectives.

The resultant “plan” or “report” is the culmination of the design and consultation process – it provides the guidelines and strategies necessary to achieve the objectives.

Landscape Plan Prepared by Andy WhiteDesign work usually produces a plan whereas consultation work usually produces a report.

Plans and reports can be in many forms – verbal, written, graphic, computerized, modular, etc.

Plans and reports are acted upon and implemented by others to achieve a desired end product,  such as a beautiful landscape or the preservation of an important tree.