The Landscape Design Process at LandArbor Consulting

One of Andy White's Design / Build Projects - Front Walk and Entryway

At LandArbor Consulting, the objective of the design process is to try to meld the needs and wants of the client with the inherent site conditions and characteristics.  Asking the right questions is a critical part of the design process and is crucial to the ultimate success of the project.

“A collection of plants is not a landscape, any more than a list of choice words is a poem. The merit is in the design, not the material it is expressed in, and the best designs, like the best poems, make ordinary material significant by its arrangement.”

The above quote, from a book by the late Nan Fairbrother, a noted writer on the subject of landscape design, reflects the basic philosophy (i.e., “the merit is in the design”) underlying all of the design work performed by LandArbor Consulting.

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Landscape Plan Prepared by Andy WhiteFor more information on the Landscape Design Process in general click here.