Allied Industry Professionals LandArbor Works With:

Architects ● Landscape Architects, Designers, Contractors ● General Contractors ●Engineers ● Surveyors ● Planners ● Environmental and other Consultants ● Builders ● Developers ● Arborists ● Tree Care Professionals ● Urban Foresters ● Horticulturists ● Superintendents (Golf Course, Park, Grounds) ● Facilities Directors ● Property, Project, and HOA Managers ● Attorneys ● Appraisers (Real Estate, Insurance).

Letter to Allied Industry Professionals:

LandArbor Consulting®  is a landscape and arboricultural consulting practice headed by Andrew J. White (RCA #510). Andy White is one of only several RCA’s currently practicing in North Carolina, and the only one in Western North Carolina. He has spent the last forty years as a principal in landscape and general contracting businesses; the last thirty-four years in western NC. His post-graduate education and business career spanning the past forty years have centered on the study, growth, development, and use of plants, particularly trees, in the landscape. Now retired from contracting, Andy formed LandArbor Consulting® to share his extensive knowledge of plants, trees, landscape design, and general construction with other professionals, and partner with them to help resolve their tree and landscape problems and issues.

LandArbor is a consulting practice; it is not a contracting business, nor is it a tree care / service business. LandArbor’s mission is to assist professionals and landowners resolve tree and landscape-related issues. One of the main focuses of LandArbor will be consulting on the proper selection, installation, care, and preservation of trees in the landscape, with an emphasis on preservation of important and desirable trees, especially in areas soon to be or already affected by construction.

All landscape, tree care, and related professionals are from time to time confronted with problems involving trees that they would rather relegate to others. Reasons for this can include lack of time or particular expertise, desire for an outside or second opinion, expert witness testimony or other legal issues, impartial dispute resolution, a more in-depth investigation, etc. Tree problems that are outside the normal scope of work of most landscape and tree care professionals are often handled by a Registered Consulting Arborist® (RCA).

According to the American Society of Consulting Arborists (, “there is no higher authority in the arboricultural profession—nor a more objective voice—than a Registered Consulting Arborist® (RCA) on matters involving the health, legal, environmental and aesthetic considerations of trees. RCA’s are routinely called upon for expert testimony, damage assessment and appraisal, municipal and commercial landscape planning and development, tree preservation, hazard assessment and other situations requiring the utmost expertise and professionalism.”

If you find yourself in a situation or with a case involving trees, and need to consult with a Registered Consulting Arborist® please contact Andy White at LandArbor Consulting®. Please share this information with other members of your company, firm, or institution.