What is the Role of Forensics in Arboriculture?

A Consulting Arborist’s Role as a Forensic Investigator is to know and understand the science of trees, to investigate the circumstances and events pertaining to trees, and then to translate that information and present it to clients in a way that they can understand and put to good use.

Useful Definitions

Forensics is defined as the art or study of speaking or debating.  It is a formal process of communicating.

Forensic Science is the branch of science that uses scientific knowledge for investigative or legal purposes.  In more general terms, it is simply the application of common sense, logic, and scientific methods to seek the facts of a situation, to analyze those facts in a logical manner, and to relate or communicate the process and the results to others.

Forensic Investigator is one who seeks knowledge and information by the application of forensic science.  The forensic investigator is the person doing the field work.

Forensic Witness is one who interprets and communicates forensic information within a judicial context.  The forensic witness testifies at depositions, hearings, or at trial.