What is Arboricultural Consulting?

Arboriculture.  The science and art of caring for trees, shrubs and other woody plants in landscape settings.

Arboricultural Consulting. A profession which involves the independent and objective application of technical knowledge, analytical skills, and professional judgment to tree-related issues in order to provide observations, conclusions, and appropriate recommendations.

Arboricultural Consultant (also known as a Consulting Arborist).  An individual engaged in arboricultural consulting.  ASCA members must adhere to Standards of Professional Practice.

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Note:  A consulting arborist and a “practicing” arborist have different roles and responsibilities in the arboricultural industry.  Click here to learn about these differences.

LandArbor Consulting, Inc. provides arboricultural consulting – we are not practicing arborists.

A more detailed explanation of arboricultural industry positions can be found at http://www.asca-consultants.org/?page=TypesofArborists