What differentiates LandArbor Consulting from other landscape and arboricultural consulting firms?

There are two primary differences between LandArbor Consulting and other landscape and arboricultural consulting firms.

1.  Independence and Objectivity – LandArbor Consulting works solely in the best interests of its clients.  It is not affiliated with any other companies, nurseries, or contractors, and it does not profit from any ancillary work resulting from its design or consultation efforts.  It is not under pressure to specify the use of excess or old inventory, or to keep production crews busy doing questionable work during slow periods. LandArbor Consulting has been set up and organized to be independent of outside pressures so it can focus exclusively on meeting the needs and wants of its clients to the best of its abilities.

2.  Andy White’s Unique Experience and Educational Perspective – The plans, evaluations, consults, and advice offered by Andy White and LandArbor Consulting are backed by a unique combination of:  40 years as a nationally recognized, multiple award-winning landscape design/build contractor, plantsman, and successful business owner; 24 years as a licensed general building contractor (GC);  active participant in numerous professional organizations; long-time writer and contributor to numerous professional publications; BA, MS, and Post Graduate degrees and studies in the biological, environmental, and ecological sciences; 900+ Continuing Education Units (CEU); and thousands of satisfied clients and successfully negotiated and executed contracts and finished projects.  Click here for more information about Andy White.